The Alliance CU VISA Debit Card is the ultimate in safety and convenience! Rather than carrying and managing cash, writing checks, or using your credit card, you can use the VISA debit card to pay for any purchases wherever VISA is accepted…across town or across the world! The money is deducted right from your checking account, just like a check.

The VISA Debit Card can also be used wherever STAR or Presto! (Publix) debit transactions are processed, such as Target, Wal-Mart, Office Depot, and most gas stations and grocery stores. These transactions are called point of sale transactions. Point of sale transactions clear your account immediately, and VISA-authorized transactions usually clear within a day. However, because our processing system holds funds for authorized transactions until they clear, you don’t have to worry about overspending your account.

Additionally, Alliance Credit Union participates in a superior nationwide account monitoring and fraud detection system, so your transactions — and your checking account — are well protected. Generally, our systems detect fraud before you do. But, when they don’t, or should you lose your card, you can call our 24/7 lost/stolen hotline to report it and protect your funds. Regardless, you will never lose any money due to fraudulent transactions, and we reimburse your funds right away.

Perhaps best of all, any transaction you complete using your Alliance CU VISA Debit Card posts to your account under the name of the merchant who processes the transaction. So, instead of having to match up check numbers to checks to see where you spent your money, or to figure up where all your cash was spent, you can look at your account online and track exactly where your money was spent.

Why Use a VISA Debit Card?

  • Safer than carrying cash – $0 liability if lost or stolen (if reported).

  • More compact and convenient to carry than a check book.

  • One card for ATM withdrawals and for purchasing.

  • No need to show ID as you would with a credit card.

  • Quicker, more convenient to use than writing checks.

  • Payments clear your account quickly – at point of sale or within a day (typically) when used over the VISA network.

  • Accepted almost everywhere – across town and across the world.

  • Provides superior recordkeeping and money management – see exactly where you spend your money, identified by – merchant/payee in your account detail on-line and on your month-end statement.

  • Easy, convenient way to get cash when you need it – 24/7 – at any ATM on the STAR or Presto! network.

  • Far less expensive than buying checks, and no fees (some ATM access fees may apply – but never a fee for using at point-of-sale on STAR or Presto networks or over the VISA network).

Why Use an Alliance CU VISA Debit Card?

  • Superior support and troubleshooting when you need assistance from local people, by phone, e-mail or in person!

  • Real-time processing, so that all point-of-sale transactions post to checking immediately and most VISA transactions post within a day.

  • Better yet, real-time processing that enables you to have access to your checking funds as deposited and transferred into the account.

  • Supported by Internet banking access that permits you to move funds between your Alliance CU accounts 24/7 – funds are immediately accessible by debit card as soon as transferred into the account via Internet.

  • 24/7 usage monitoring for fraud detection and loss control through our processor – Fiserv.

  • Participant in the Verified by VISA program that makes your card safer to use over the Internet.

  • 24/7 fraud/loss of card reporting support through our processor – Fiserv.

  • Swift reimbursement for unauthorized transactions.

  • Usage earns rewards – periodic promotions for transaction reimbursement or other monetary rewards, discounts on other Alliance CU services (including discounts on loan rates).