Online Bill Pay

Bill Pay

Can you imagine buying one egg at a time? Or one Q-tip? Or a single potato chip? Of course not. It just doesn’t make sense. The same holds true for paying your bills. Just think about how much time you can save by paying all of your bills at once. One website. One login. Every bill.

Already using a bill payment service with creditors such as GRU or BellSouth? Why give so many different outside creditors your private account information, when you can pay all your bills from one secure 1st Pay Account offered through your trusted credit union? Let us help you consolidate!

After taking just a few minutes to sign up, you can take advantage of 1st Pay bill payment to:

  • Control your own account and pay all your bills from one easy-to-use site

  • Choose who, how much, and when to pay

  • Start or stop automatic payments for recurring bills, like rent and mortgage

  • View transaction histories and pending payments 24/7

Steps to Register for Bill Pay:

  1. Login to 1st Acce$$ through our e-Branch

  2. Click on the “Bill Payment” button

  3. Read & accept the Agreement & Disclosure

  4. Complete the online application and submit it

  5. You will receive an e-mail confirmation message when your application has been reviewed and accepted

  6. You will receive a 2nd e-mail when your access is actually enabled and ready to access

  7. Once enabled, login to 1st Acce$$ anytime. Click the “Bill Payment” button and follow the simple directions to set up payees, schedule payments, and review payments made

To start using the demo, please do the following:

Scroll to bottom of the page and click the “Home Banking Demo” link

  1. Enter “999999999” as your User Number

  2. Enter “1234” as your Password

  3. Click the Enter button